The Advantages of Using Animated Explainer Videos

If you do some analysis, you will notice that animated explainer videos are becoming more and more used by businesses and startups in the last five years. This is not a surprise because these videos have shown that they can be used as an effective marketing tool. If you are an entrepreneur trying to promote his startup, you should know that there are a few different types of explainer videos. Yet, most people choose animated explainer videos and here’s why.

They are short but effective

With the help of a good animated explainer video, you can share your business message with your audience in a short period of time. The average length of an animated explainer video is just 90 seconds. You can use these videos to reach prospective clients, media, business partners, investors and influencers too. Most people use animated explainer videos to explain who they are, what does their company do and the advantages of using their services/products. Of course, by using an effective call to action in a video like this, you can encourage viewers to take action.


Audio and visual learning

Contrary to popular belief, animated explainer videos can trigger both audio and visual senses. Plain text can help, but the truth is that the human mind remembers videos the best. Don’t forget that in addition to the fact that animated explainer videos are informative tools, they are also educational tools. This is especially true when it comes to whiteboard videos.


Brand building

Numerous studies have shown that animated explainer videos are excellent for brand building too. Obviously, this is something that every entrepreneur wants and needs for their startup. But, in order to reap these benefits, you must create a high-quality explainer video. It is also a good idea to create a few characters that will help you establish a connection with your target audience.


They are mobile friendly

Are you aware that animated explainer videos are mobile-friendly content? Another interesting fact is that most people today are using mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to access the Internet. By creating short and effective animated explainer videos, you will be able to reach these users in the best possible way.


Greater visibility

When you have an explainer video, you can increase your visibility. It’s easy to share this video on social media platforms, forums and on your website where the video will grab the attention of Internet users.



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