A Simple Guide to Making an Explainer Video

If you have realized how useful explainer videos can be, you are probably eager to start making one. The good news is that we have created a simple guide that can help you make an ideal explainer video.

1)Start by doing some research

Are you sure what kind of video do you need? You may need a more informal video or you might need a completely formal video. Do you want to explain something or maybe you want to sell a product or service right away? Answer these questions before you focus on another important thing – your audience. Find out their problems and feel their frustration in specific situations. Use your explainer video to highlight the advantages and solutions that your product/service provides.


2)Script writing

Without any doubt, the script plays a crucial role in this process. In case you have a poor script, it doesn’t mean whether you have an HD or even a 4K video – you won’t notice any positive effects. When creating a script, think about the attention span of your audience. Create a clear message and use a small number of words. Consult professional writers specialized in this field if you want to witness the best results.


3)Engage in storyboarding

With the help of the storyboard process, you will be able to synchronize your vision with the story and visual elements. This is where the design is polished and you pay more attention to the characters.


4)Doing voiceovers

A popular explainer video is impossible without a professional voiceover. You can use special online libraries to find the perfect voiceover. Another popular option is to use freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork where you can find many experienced voiceover professionals willing to read your script at a reasonable price.



5)Video production

Once these steps are finished, it is time for some real video production. It all starts with a draft of the explainer video that can be modified and revised.


6)Sound and music

The process of creating an explainer video ends with the sound effects and music. You should look for royalty-free music and sound effects if you want to save money. Don’t forget that the music/sound effects can make your video more interesting and attractive.

When this process is finished, you should start publishing and marketing your explainer video. Use the internet because this is the most effective place for these objectives.

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